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Learn to Piece (a quilt top)
Class price: $50
Learn to Piece (a quilt top)
Category: Beginner I

Join Sandy for a this terrific class designed for the beginner quilter.

In her fun and gentle way, Sandy will all those must-know basics to get you on the path to quality quilting, including:
Accurate Rotary Cutting
Accurate Sewing
Assembly line sewing
Squaring up to make perfect points
Assembling a block
Assembling a quilt top
Mitered borders

Teaching this class:
Sandy Thompson

Upcoming sessions:
Sun 01/21/18 12:30 PM — 2 of 3 (ST43-180114)
Sun 01/28/18 12:30 PM — 3 of 3 (ST43-180114)

Sun 03/11/18 12:30 PM — 1 of 3 (ST43-180311)
Sun 03/18/18 12:30 PM — 2 of 3 (ST43-180311)
Sun 03/25/18 12:30 PM — 3 of 3 (ST43-180311)
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