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Cozy Embroidery Club
Class price: $20
Cozy Embroidery Club
Category: Clubs

As a group we will focus on three wonderful embroidery projects: First we have the lovely in-the-hoop of Pickle Pie Designs. The projects we pick will be part of their Hoop Envy Club, making them exclusive to club members. Plus, members get 20% off the Pickle Pie latest designs during our meetings! Secondly, we have selected the stunningly beautiful Merry and Bright Christmas quilt! You can make it larger or smaller, colorful or traditional! Third, we have a Tiling Scene. Follow Mo's tutelage while learning the ins and outs of completing any OESD tiling scene such as the Christmas or Modern Expressions. Or you can pick a completely different project we call "independent study." Whatever you do, we just invite you to come, play and enjoy! This will be a lecture/demo/gather event, so no need to bring your sewing machine. The club fee is $20 and you agree to buy yourself a gift card for $150 for the project July - Dec. BONUS: Club members get 15% off thread.

Teaching this class:
Kathy Giles
Maureen LaBerge
Tammy Parker

Upcoming sessions:
Sat 12/07/19 9:00 AM — 6 of 6 (CEC-2019B)

Sat 01/04/20 9:00 AM — 1 of 6 (CEC-2020A)
Sat 02/01/20 9:00 AM — 2 of 6 (CEC-2020A)
Sat 03/07/20 9:00 AM — 3 of 6 (CEC-2020A)
Sat 04/04/20 9:00 AM — 4 of 6 (CEC-2020A)
Sat 05/02/20 9:00 AM — 5 of 6 (CEC-2020A)
Sat 06/06/20 9:00 AM — 6 of 6 (CEC-2020A)
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