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Amazing Tape
Amazing Tape
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Item number:  7032A
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Amazing Tape
Category: Favorite Tools

100s of Uses… 100s of Times!

Amazing Tape really is amazing and works virtually anywhere! Because it grips and holds things together without any adhesive, it just might be the most versatile, durable, and strongest holding tape in the world. For sewing enthusiasts, use Amazing Tape to prevent thread, ribbon, or yarn from unraveling. It’s a true “multi-tasker” and can be used in place of rubber bands or Velcro for so many uses! Great for moving, to organize items without damage, in the garden to hold delicate stems or branches, bundle blankets, prevent table cover from blowing away! It holds in hot and freezing weather and underwater.

Each roll contains 50 feet of 1" tape.

The Cozy Chatter:This item is a part of Daniela's 15 Favorite Things! Watch her latest Strip Club video, I {Heart} You, to learn more about this product.

Be sure to check out the rest of Daniela's Favorite Things here, as we celebrate 15 cozy years in retail business.

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