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Sewline™ Fabric Pencil - Black
Sewline™ Fabric Pencil - Black
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Sewline™ Fabric Pencil - Black
Category: Favorite Tools

by Sewline™

Black Lead

SewlineTM has created a fabric pencil that's comfortable to hold with a soft cushioned grip, and gives clean, clear markings on your fabric. You can remove the markings easily with the provided eraser on the end of the pencil or with a dab of water. Pencil comes with a pack of 0.9mm ceramic leads in a protected case.

Need a refill? SewlineTM Fabric Pencil Refills contain 6 - 0.9mm leads per package.

You might like Sewline'sTM Fabric Eraser - they're easy to hold and the eraser particles won't get caught on your fabric.

Cozy Chatter: We really like Sewline's Fabric Pencils here at Cozy because the lead is thinner than a regular pencil and doesn't dull easily. That means you can get closer to your ruler when marking for sharper lines that give you more accurate sewing!

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