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OLFA® 45mm Splash Cutter
OLFA® 45mm Splash Cutter
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Item number:  RTY-2C/PR
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OLFA® 45mm Splash Cutter
Category: Favorite Tools


Ideal for medium to heavy-duty projects, this Quick-Change Rotary Cutter can get thru up to six layers of thin materials at once. And in the limited edition purple color, you get precision with pizzazz! Great for cutting strips and multiple layers of fabric at the same time. Can also be used on paper, tarp, vinyl, upholstery and more.

You can change the blade on OLFA's Quick-Change Rotary Cutters with just a single click. No more assembly with a washer and a nut! Blades are premium quality, made of tungsten carbide tool steel for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention.

This rotary cutter is brilliantly designed for both right-and left-handed use. Guaranteed Forever by Olfa.

Need replacement blades for this cutter? We've got OLFA's replacement blades in 1-Packs, 2-Packs, and 5-Packs depending on your needs.

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