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Pincushion Color Wheel Refill
Pincushion Color Wheel Refill
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Item number:  LTQ 106
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Pincushion Color Wheel Refill
Category: Gifts

This two pack is a refill option for the Color Wheel Pincushion kit. Once you have the directions (found here), you just need the foam and wood to keep making more!

Comes with refills for TWO more pin cushions: 2 pre-drilled bases, 2 foam rounds, 2 tufting cords and 8 machine screws. Just add your favorite drawer pulls for the feet and your choice of fabric!

Pre-cut 5" squares are perfect when making the Color Wheel Pincushion.

The Cozy Chatter:This item is part of Daniela's 15 Favorite Things! Watch her latest Strip Club video, I {Heart} You, to learn more about this product.

Be sure to check out the rest of Daniela's Favorite Things here, as we celebrate 15 cozy years in retail business.

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