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Sew Stack Thread Spool Kit
Sew Stack Thread Spool Kit
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Item number:  SST001
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Sew Stack Thread Spool Kit
Category: Favorite Tools

Keep all your thread spools and bobbins handy, in one place!

The Sew Stack™ is the perfect storage solution for your spools of thread and bobbins. The trays stack as high as you like. Pull out the trays you're using to keep the thread for your project together. Pop on a lid, and your thread is ready to travel with you to class, a guild-meeting, or sew-in!

The thread spool kit, shown here, has two spool trays that can each hold up to 16 standard size thread spools. It is made of latex-free materials that help keep thread in place, and un-tangled.

Customize your sew stack with these additional options:
Sew Stack™ Bobbin Kit - 2 bobbin trays and a lid
Sew Stack™ Combo Kit - 1 bobbin tray, 1 spool tray and a lid
Sew Stack™ Lid
Sew Stack™ Bobbin Tray
Sew Stack™ Spool Tray

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