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My Stars- Digital
My Stars- Digital
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My Stars- Digital
Category: Cozy Patterns
April 2021 Row of the Month Finishes 60" x 8" Don't miss a row! Here is Aprils's row pattern, part of Cozy's 2021 Row of the Month project! This pattern finishes 60" x 8" and can go into a row quilt or be used as a table runner pattern! Before you purchase please note: This is the digital version. Since all orders are manually processed we will remove the shipping charge BEFORE your credit card is charged, regardless of what the email you will receive confirming that your order was placed tells you! The pattern will be emailed to you by the end of the following business day.

To follow along with us, visit the Row of the Month landing page here. More about the Row of the Month project: •A different pattern each month Jan through Jun. •The link to download the free pattern will be given on Monday Night Live and our website. It will be available FREE for only1 week, then it is $6. •All rows will finish 60" long and will vary in width from 6" to 12". •Each row will have a season feel. •Kits will be available for $14.99 each and will feature Moda's Grunge fabric so they coordinate! •Pre-Order all 6 rows for only $79.99 (that's a $10 savings!)

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