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Beauty 'n Check

Beauty 'n Check by Janice Ellertson and Jodel Yover offers you complete paper piecing instructions plus TWENTY-FIVE large block options and FIVE small block options. Best of all, all the designs are on a CD so you can print out as many as you need!

Janice and Jodel also introduce you to a whole new way of thinking about paper piecing.... one that doesn’t call for peeling off paper and does not leave your quilt as stiff as cardboard!

Here are examples of what you can do with these beautiful designs!

Beauty 'n Check by Janice Ellertson and Jodel Yover
Quilted by Peggy Caballero
55 ½" x 55 ½"

Janice's Beauty 'n Check by Janice Ellertson
Quilted by Peggy Caballero
54" x 54"

Jodel’s Beauty 'n Check by Jodel Yover
Quilted by Peggy Caballero
51" x 51"

Chocolate Covered by Mary Ellen (Mea) Anderson
Quilted by Peggy Caballero
42" x 42"

Fall Beauty by Hulda Gesiakowski
Quilted by Hulda Gesiakowski
44" x 44"

Checkered Beauty by Betty Alofs
Quilted by Sylvia Fox
44" x 44"

Rock and Roll Café by Nancy Selbrede
Quilted by Nancy Selbrede
48" x 48"

Beauty with a Checkered Past by Jan Hayman
Quilted by Jan Hayman
67" x 67"

Chariots of Fire by Eunice Ciaccio
Quilted by Wendy Knight
43" x 43"

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