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Strip Tubing

The Strip Tube RulerTM, an original ruler by Cozy Quilt Designs.

We developled The Strip Tube Ruler TM as a handy gadget to make quick work of the "tube technique". We were pleased to have a great ruler that makes perfect blocks with ease and accuracy.... we were even more pleased when other people used it and loved it too. It is consistently one of (if not the) top-selling item on our website!

Check out the three links below.... the first is the ruler, the second is a video that will show you how easy it is, and the third... did you know that you can make Half Square Triangle blocks with The Strip Tube RulerTM? And you can square up existing half triangles with just one whack!?

Check out the following Cozy books and patterns that feature The Strip Tube RulerTM.

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