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You may know we love Christmas at Cozy! This year, as we get back to normal living, we are going to make it EXTRA fun with our Cozy Christmas Fan Club!

What is that? you ask. I'll tell you!

First let me say, membership is only $25.

Cozy Christmas Fan Club Members get 15% off Christmas gifts, kits, patterns, and embroidery designs. AND earn a FREE Half-=Yard for every 10 Christmas yards purchased! You can fill up as many punch cards as you like!!

If you know our Tula Pink club, this is basically the same, but in Christmas!

But Wait! There's more:

As we move along in the year, we are going to present Christmas project ideas, techniques, and gift ideas. All of which will ALSO qualify for the discount.

If anything Christmas goes on sale, Members will get even better than the advertised price!

BOOM. There you go. Membership has its privileges and what better time than Christmas to reap the rewards!

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