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Helllooooo my happy quilter! Welcome to December, our favorite month!

I have to admit something.... I have not been feeling well this week, but I still want to tell you a few fun things going on. ESPECIALLY this Giveaway-A-Day!

love you to pieces,

We can’t have our annual December Strip Club, but we still want to show you our love this holiday season, so we are reinventing our famous “because I love you” gift giveaway-- this time with a prize-a-day in December!

Anyone who shops at Cozy can enter to win the prize for that day!! We will draw 2 winners each day– one from our brick and mortar shop (fill out a ticket) and one from web (we’ll pull a random order)! Prizes will vary in cuteness and worth, with the larger value (and perhaps more squishy) gifts going out on our busier days. But all prizes will be wrapped and will come from our hearts.

Why do I do this? Because I love you! And because I want to thank you for all your support. Especially in this strange year! We are strong and marching forward while many others business are struggling. I am acutely aware and so very grateful for this fact every day.

Remember, we are the lucky ones because we have our craft and we have each other.

Oh, and because I know you will ask! We are going to again collect for the very worthy Father Joe’s. Instead of the Strip Club Cover Charge we will collect throughout the month, donating everything to them in January. Because we have more time, I am setting our goal at $4,000! Either donate at the register (the girls will keep it in a separate envelope outside the till!) or buy on CommentSold. Paper money only. Come on now… there is a coin shortage. 😉

And because I was not feeling well, I totally dropped the ball on that alternative block for our Cozy Christmas Mystery Quilt. I feel terrible! And when I show you what my intended alternate block looks like, you are going to hate me even more! It's just so simple!

But first let me say that if you don't love the Christmas trees or don't want to do paper piecing, you can use any block in your wall hanging. In fact, wouldn't it be wonderful to put PHOTOGRAPHS in there?

You just need 7 blocks that finish 4" square and 2 blocks that finish 6" square! Boom. Go pick your favorite block.

But if you want to follow our "non-Christmas" plan, you are going to make butterflies blocks as pictured below!!!

You can still get in on the mystery quilt! Just click the graphic of Maggie below and explore the previous steps.

Don't forget that when you buy a new machine or cabinet at Cozy, you get special benefits?

PS. A Reminder of our hours!

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