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Helllooooo! It's me! That means it is Cozy time. Today I have a couple of important things to share.

First up! This weekend is Super Saturday! Keep Reading for more!

The fabric keeps pouring in. That means new fun stuff to pick from AND we need to move out the old. That aggressive sale continues: Tagged Bolts are 50% off!!! Clearance is now 70% off!!!! Come and get it!

Saturday is also Cozy Breakfast Club. Join the fun as we broadcast live on Facebook. And please remember that the hardworking MNL crew is taking a night off from broadcasting on Monday. But we are BACK on Monday, Oct 25 with our Halloween show. Hope my costume comes in time.

Aren't you loving this cooler weather!? Makes me want to sew! If I have learned one thing on this cancer journey, it is that joy is not something to seek only when your to-do list is done. You need to make it a priority. It's part of today's wellness. Find joy any way you can, whenever you can. If that means saying no to something else to sew, so be it. :-)

And speaking of that cancer journey, I am doing pretty good! As you may know, I am back in chemo to tackle my "four little guys." I am four infusions down, four more to go. So "Halfway," as we used to cheer in bodypump class. While my side effects are minimal this time (yay!), I am starting to feel the fatigue, but as they say, "there's a nap for that." Luckily my brain works! (If you've known anyone go through chemo, you'll know brain fog is a real thing.) Six more weeks, a CT Scan somewhere in the middle, and then we'll see where this strange journey will take me next. I continue to envision "cured," still determined to prove Dr. Buttonhole wrong, and of course, still resolved to live a good long life snuggling grandbabies, finding my joy, and making quilty things.

Love you to pieces! Really, Honestly, Truly,

PS. To read my story, know the symptoms of ovarian cancer, and donate blood or money to the SD Blood Bank in my honor, visit this page here.

This is a very rare, One-Day-Only, financing event from our friends at BERNINA! Now you can get $0 Down and 0% Financing for 72 Months! It happens this Saturday, but feel free to visit sooner to pick out your machine. ;-)

Insider tip: It's a super easy application process! You can apply online from the comfort of your own home.

And let me add this, as only a cancer patient can: Buy the machine. It's only money.

Don't forget the added Cozy Benefits when you buy a machine from us:

Cozy Breakfast Club is this Saturday! This is a fun show hosted by the three stooges where we work along with you on a couple of projects. Mo is doing the Boho Heart Quilt! Kathy is working on a Lavendar Lime Christmas Tree. And this Saturday, I'll be sharing some of the quilty things I've been making lately to help conjure up the positive vibes. :-)

To learn more about Cozy Breakfast Club, click here. A new semester starts in January, btw. Hope you join us!

It's free to watch and everyone is welcome!

No MNL on Monday, but fun stuff on the horizon!

And make plans for the next DIME virtual event all about Appliqué.

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