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Looks like this Fall is going to be packed with cool things, fun events, great savings, and gifts with purchase!! Let's get is started today with the introduction of the latest longarm frame and machine by Handi Quilter for only $4,995!

And Brother keeping it chill with 60 month financing and some great gifts with their most popular machines, like the new Luminaire!!

Our AccuQuilt event is next Friday and they opened more seats for us because of the wonderful response. Sign up today for a great learning and savings opportunity!

And I am starting a new mystery Block of the Month perfect for Christmas. I'll give you fabric requirements on our next Monday Night Live (which is this Monday at 4pm)!

The Kimberbell retreat is the first week of November, which is just around the corner. Join the fun from the comfort of your own home. Even if you can't spend two whole days with us, you'll get the kit and can catch the reruns.

And those Cozy elves are still working away to come up with other festive Cozy fun!

They say the temperatures are going to drop. Can you say quilting weather!!?

Meet the best way to move from quilting your own quilts on a small domestic machine to quilting on your very own longarm system! Handi Quilter has put the possibility in reach with the new Moxie priced at an unbelievable $4,995!

Now every stitch in that beautiful quilt can be yours! Click here for more.

Best of all, we can get this system to you even if you don't live in our area. And Handi Quilter has included everything you need to get yourself started including excellent instructions on assembly and a How-To-Quilt kit right out of the box!

And if you want to see our presentation on this system, you can view the rerun of Monday's MNL. Pro tip: jump to 6:14 to skip our jibber jabber.

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By now I hope we all know how wonderful the AccQuilt GO! die system is to cut more, faster and with greater accuracy! Plus their Qube system is a wonderful way to feature oodles and oodles of quilt blocks. This die pack is the perfect mix and match shape system for quilting blocks!

Well the broadcast on Oct 30 will feature those qubes. It will present the grid system so you come up with your own blocks AND dissect a pattern that isn't AccuQuilt! This allows you to expand your GO! system into patterns written for regular piecework!

And you know there will be savings!!!

Sign up today because, unlike other virtual events, space is limited. And clear your calendar to attend because there is no rebroadcast. Click the graphic to enroll.

The Kimberbell Winter Wonderland event is right around the corner!!

This is a two-day event Friday, Nov 6 and Sat Nov 7. It's only $179 (Cozy Embroidery Club Members save 15%!) and you get the designs, the fabric kit, and the chance to get that Bonus CD!

And since this is done at home, classroom space and travel is not an issue. Everyone can join! We will mail out your kids if you can't come pick them up.

PS. A Reminder of our hours!

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