We three quilters of Cozy are...bearing email, we traverse far! Alright, maybe not too far. I just got back from visiting the kids in Boston, does that count?

September is upon us! That means December is only three months away. It might be a little early for caroling, but now is the perfect time to get started on your quilt for the upcoming holiday season. And I have just the one! It's called "Westward Leading" and it's our latest strip pattern creation. It is another wonderful design by my mom, Georgette Dell'Orco. Learn more about her digitized quilting designs here.

Remember, our patterns are available as printed hardcopies or digital versions. When you place an order for the digital version, we remove the shipping before ringing your card and then send you an email with the PDF pattern attached.

Check out the video of my quilt presentation. Link below ↓ .

The quilts hanging on either side of Westward Leading are:

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