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Quilted Blue Star Banners
Banners in Window

How it began:

Being in the San Diego area, we all feel a particular attachment to the troops fighting abroad. At Cozy Quilt Shop, we wanted to do something. We wanted to show our support.

We decided to make as many Quilted Blue Star Service Banners as we could.

All together, we made about 100 Quilted Blue Star Service Banners and donated them to a local program called CincHouse (pronounced sink-house), who handed them out to military family members.

What is a Quilted Blue Star Service Banner?

It’s based on the original Blue Star Service Banner that is available from local VFW and American Legion Posts: a blue star on white background with a red border. Family members with loved ones abroad are encouraged to hang the service banner in their windows to show support. For more information on the Blue Star Service Banner, go to the American Legion website.

The Quilted Blue Star Service Banner has a quilter’s touch. The border is pieced, the background is quilted and the star is appliquéd. Our design finishes at about 8½x11. It’s just a different way to accomplish the same purpose.

CINC House

What happened to the banners?

The banners were donated to CincHouse where they were put in Easter baskets for family members with loved ones in the war.

For your own copy of the Blue Star Service Banner pattern, click here

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