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Our Happy Story

Once upon a time, there was a restless girl. She toiled very hard at her job, driving long distances to and from her work every day, and feeling unfulfilled. Then one day, she and her charming husband started to play a game called “What if we owned a quilt shop.” The game was a lot of fun. He would do the numbers, she would do the buying. He would set up the computers and she would do the decorating. They spent many days playing this make-believe game. It became their shared dream.

Then one bright September day something very tragic happened in their happy land, and they lost the heart to play the game. Too many things were uncertain. There were too many unknowns. It was a scary time and their dream became quiet.

But as the days went by and life got back to normal, they started to play the game in earnest. They would not give up the dream. Then the dream became a mission. They took out a loan, she quit her job. They leased a space, she bought fabric. They named it Cozy Quilt Shop, opened the doors and held their breaths....

And people came. The people were quilters, and the quilters were happy. The girl liked the happy quilters. She wanted them to keep coming back. She decided to start a club to give them a reason to visit her happy shop every month. It had to be about fabric and it had to have a memorable name. The girl had an ironic sense of humor and decided to name this clean and wholesome group Strip Club. “Why not? It’s a club and we’ll use strips.” And Strip Club it became.

They cut down strips of fabric right off the bolt, each was 2½" wide. They put the strips in groups of 50 and they offered them to the happy quilters. Those that bought the bundles then asked the question, “What do we do with these strips?” The girl turned to her friend. The friend had some ideas and they started to design patterns to use these 2½" strips. The next month, they offered not only the bundle of 2½" strips, but also a pattern to use the bundle. And the happy quilters cheered. And they came back. Each month after that the girl and her friend had a new bundle of fabric and a new pattern to offer the happy quilters. The girl was happy and the quilters were happy.

But she did not keep this idea to herself. The girl shared it with other quilt shop owners. Many started their own Strip Clubs reaching even more happy quilters. And Strip Club became a hit across the lands. Many shops even used her patterns and a new company was born. They named the new company Cozy Quilt Designs.

Soon the girl’s mom was also designing patterns. Then one of their favorite customers, who happened to be a best-selling quilt book author, also designed a pattern for 2½" strips. The author was kind and generous. She let the girl use her pattern.

The girl was so pleased to see that the happy quilters and happy quilt shop owners liked her Strip Club idea that she felt like a princess. And even now, five years after Strip Club started, you might find this happy girl wearing a princess tiara as she gives her monthly Strip Club presentation.

The End is a long way away for this happy girl.

Girl — Daniela Stout
Friend — Susan Ziegler
Mom — Georgette Dell'Orco
Kind and Generous Author — Sharyn Craig
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